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What is included in the inspection?

To learn what components and systems are included in a full home inspection, Go here:

To read about the limitations of the inspection and for items not included in the inspection, go here:

How long have you been a home inspector?

I have been a full time professional home inspector for over ten years, and I have performed over 3000 full home inspections.

Do you belong to any professional associations?

I am an associate member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), OAHI (Oregon Association of Home Inspectors), NHIA (Northwest Home Inspectors Association), and I am a contributing member of TIJ (The Inspectors Journal).

How long does an inspection take?

The on site time about 2 - 3 hours. Driving time, time onsite and report generation is about 6 - 8 hours per inspection.

When will I get the report?

Reports are emailed within one or two days after the inspection.

Can I attend the inspection?

Of course. Do I have to attend? No. Can I come at the end of the inspection? Yes. Can I ask questions? Absolutely.

How do I pay for the inspection?

You can pay by check, cash, VISA, MC, Discover, and PayPal.

Do you do commercial, draw/phase inspections, expert witness work?

No, I recommend that you call Jim Katen of Benchmark Inspection Services 503-789-3159.

Who is responsible for making repairs?

Who is responsible is left to negotiations between the buyer and seller. Are the problems required to be repaired? No, unless required by your lender.

Do you do reinspections, and how much do they cost?

Yes, I do perform reinspections to check repairs against real estate repair addendums. The fee is $75hr. Typical reinspections costs are $75 - $150, and can be more depending on the situation.

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